Marquetry is the art form which creates pictures through combining various colored veneer pieces. However these may include anything ranging from pewter, fine metals, ivory, brass, tortoiseshell or bone to name a few. It is believed that marquetry was basically inspired by ancient intarsia art form. Intarsia was actually the technique to knit that utilizes various colors to make unique designs and patterns. However it is even a woodworking method in which various materials are used and put together just like the puzzle to seem to be inlaid in each other.


In case you get time, you can search on the net and look at the amazing marquetry creations done. With some images and pictures of the creations, you will see that they are really amazing and you won’t even believe that they are actually made from different pieces of veneer.

More so, if you are a pro and wish to try your hand on simple and basic marquetry, you have to follow some steps. These days, thin veneers are readily available in the markets that in turn make the task easier and simpler. There are even a number of instructional manuals and videos available on the net that you can use to know the art of marquetry. Even when your initial efforts are not that successful, you can enjoy it as a rewarding and interesting hobby.

The art of marquetry is not that simple to learn. But with time and patience, you will be able to master it and enjoy producing great works on your own. You can even join marquetry classes and sessions to become an expert in this art form and make it as your profession.